I'm Lore, photographer, wife and mother. Through my photography journey I want to encourage people to take more photographs of themselves as it is a way for our family to share our special moments as well as ourselves to remember those times that are special to us. Moments like those special details of your pregnancy time or the birth of your first child. I remember as a child being inspired by photographs of my own parents wedding and those from their childhood.

13 years ago when I bought my first camera I started by taking photographs of little things and places, then I started capturing all those nice emotions from events such as weddings and christenings. Today after all these years, I chose families. People can express so many emotions with a simple look or holding their babies hands. I love capturing candid moments from family shoots or newborn shoots. Top that up with beautiful natural light and a nice cosy corner at your place and I'm all yours. One of my biggest achievements as a photographer is definitely my photo studio in Northampton which offers a variety of stylised shoots for maternity, new borns and toddlers.


When I'm not taking photos or I'm not in front of my computer editing, I spend all my time with my husband Rami and my little happy pumpkin - Abi, either cuddling in bed, either out and about or gardening. We love a good movie or a tv show, over a nice home made dinner. And if we are not in the mood for cooking, we'll definitely be somewhere out for a nice meal, a strong coffee for him and a super milky latte or cider for me. 


Since Abi joined our family this year in February, family photography has even a more importance to me. I love the fact that at any time I can go back and have a look at the photos from her birth, or her first new born shoot, her first smiles, her tiny feet and body all together.

I want you to feel the same about your memories of your own amazing family!